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About Not Licked Yet

Fish Creek

Susie and Clay Zielke opened Not Licked Yet Frozen Custard in the summer of 1982. Clay was raised in Sister Bay and Susie’s whole family moved to Door County when she was a teenager. Clay and Susie fell in love with each other and Fish Creek. They wanted to raise their family in Door County. They had purchased the location of Not Licked Yet from an old local fishing legend, Stanley Anderson. There were just a few shacks by the creek and not a whole lot more than that. Back in the 1800s, “Fish Creek” was used as a logging mill for the prospering lumbering industry in Northeastern Wisconsin. Susie and Clay saw the potential of creating a fun, fantastical place where people could come and enjoy some delicious food in a beautiful Door County landscape. It was a one of kind location so they needed to make sure they were going to serve something that equaled the unique and special area; after doing some research, they fell in love with Frozen Custard.


Family first

Initially Not Licked Yet Frozen Custard only served frozen custard. Clay and Susie had their hands full with a young son (Jon) and baby girl (Andrea) that treated the custard stand as their own playground: taking naps behind the custard machines, traipsing in and out of the creek and demanding custard for breakfast. There has always been a playground area to keep the youngsters happy. Karl Rauwerdink, a local artist, gave the custard stand a face and identity by creating the “crazy custard guy on the sign.” The never ending wildlife that calls Fish Creek their homes has always been a fascination for the Zielkes and customers alike. Watching a family of ducks or seeing a deer drink at the creek while relishing a scoop of butter pecan custard, where else can you have that experience?


Fresh food

As the popularity of Door County and Not Licked Yet Frozen Custard grew, the menu kept on expanding. Susie especially liked to experiment with new sundae combination and baked goods like Door Cherry Pies and other decadent sweets. In 1987 it became obvious that the Zielkes couldn’t live on custard alone so Clay grilled up his first burger. Using the highest quality products, Not Licked Yet started serving an assortment of grilled sandwiches. Susie started baking fresh buns everyday and making her mouth watering soups and chili to help round out the menu. Their family continued to grow with the addition of Amanda!!! Since the Zielke children were raised at Not Licked Yet, Susie and Clay wanted it to be a fun family place. Every season they hire a staff of two dozen happy, fun-loving employees to serve custard and burgers while dancing around or leading Custard Karaoke on Friday nights. Susie and Clay and their kids are at the custard stand everyday making sure that everything is made to their high standards and everyone that comes to Not Licked Yet is treated like family. Former employees are now bringing down their children to play on the playground and eat some custard.


Fun for everyone!

Not Licked Yet is an extension of Susie and Clay. It is a fun, casual place with an emphasis on great food. Although they have always served the highest quality custard and food, over the last few years they have actively started working with local producers and farmers to get the freshest highest quality food for their customers. Freshly picked berries and fruits are used for the flavor of the day and in the sundaes. Freshly picked organic and wild vegetables are used in the unique sandwiches, pasta salads and soup of the day. Clay and Susie would never serve anything they wouldn’t eat themselves or feed their own children. This new focus has led to a joint venture with local producers to offer a farmers market every Friday at Not Licked Yet. They have always worked with local artisans to keep the look and feel of the custard stand as unique as the location.  Hand carved gnomes peak around corners. Giant trees have been carved by local artists Don Berg and Jeff Olson to tell Norse stories of the gods and woodland creatures. Clay, Susie and the Zielke and their extend families of former employees and regular customer have really carved out their niche in Fish Creek. The more the merrier…custard for the people!!!

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